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Bisphenol A Legislation

January 2020 brought in a new EU Legislation which everyone should be made aware of regarding Bisphenol usage

Issued January 2019 – re-issued June 2019 – Re-issued 2020

Track & Trace Services Limited and Bisphenol A Legislation

We like to keep our customers in the loop regarding any changes which will affect you. January 2020 sees new EU regulations – Bisphenol A (BPA) which is used in the manufacturing of thermal materials will be banned. The European Commission have concerns relating to BPA and the possible health risks. From this date, thermal papers must contain no more than 0.02% (200mg/kg) in paper and label materials.

With such small amounts allowed, thermal paper would not image correctly, therefore the new legislation allows manufacturers to replace BPA with either Bisphenol S (BPS) or alternatively phenol free.

How this will affect you? – Thermal paper will still be available so there is no need to panic. The paper should not affect your printers as it will work in the same way. However, if you require samples for testing purposes, we will happily supply you with this.

You will need to ensure you have used your stock containing BPA before 2nd January 2020. We can discuss this with you to ensure your stock is a BPA free alternative along with other alternatives which may suit you better.

You may notice a change in some of our product codes, this will be for traceability purposes, Track & Trace will look to keep you informed of any changes before you place orders.

As always we look forward to working with you throughout 2020 and keeping any transitions as smooth as possible. If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager directly.
Heather Fletcher – Directors for Track & Trace Services.

For more information please see the European Chemicals Agency website –

Bisphenol A Legislation
Environmentally friendly papers and labels


Toners/Inks/Ribbons – Branded and Compatibles – Ultimate Performance

Toners/Inks/Ribbons – Track & Trace Services aim is to provide ultimate performance for your printer systems we supply both branded and compatible options, both provide a high quality, guaranteed inking result.

All inks, toners and ribbons meet the specifications required by todays OEM’s specifications of today’s ever evolving market sectors that would require these items

Labels and Tags

Labels and Tags:

As with our other sectors within this website we are able to provide labels for many of today’s OEM’s providers, whether it be thermal direct, transfer, rolls, sheets, fan fold, sprocket fed, or quite simply address labels.

A4/Cut Sheet Labels:

Also referred to as Address Labels, CD Labels, Self Adhesive Stickers, Sticky Labels or the most popular is the Avery Label, with layouts to suit all of today’s inkjet and laser printers we can provide all of the above and more, as with our thermal label range at this stage whilst our website is being updated contact us with your label enquiry and we will be more than happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

We also offer swing tags, strung and unstrung, plain or printed, offering a quality alternative to the Fisher Clark product – including synthetic, paper, plain and printed tags in all shapes and sizes.

Branded names and products as well as non branded can be available, the choice is yours.

Today’s OEM’s offering the end user a specific label whether it be a variation of size, adhesive, backing, material, colour, the options are multiple The golden rule if you don’t see what you require then please ASK!

Action Paper

Action Paper

Action Paper:

Sometimes known as self contained paper, this paper type has primarily been supplied for rolls using two or three ply’s of paper but more recently has been widely adapted to be used as a single ply impact rolls for Chip and Pin (credit card) systems.

The paper type is coated with a special formulation of micro capsules that creates an image when pressure is applied by the printer mechanism effectively bursting the capsules.

No ribbon is required in the printer to achieve an image on any of the copies including the top copy

The rolls sometimes look ‘dirty or marked’ on the outside which is caused by excess pressure on the capsules.

Unlike some products, self contained rolls from Track & Trace Services have minimal marking and as such provide a clearer image.

Single & Multi Ply Papers Info

Single ply papers – There are many grades of paper that can be described under this heading, however generally ‘A Grade’ and recycled ‘TMP’ are generally the more recognised qualities used within paper roll manufacturers.

The main difference with these two grades is that ‘A Grade’ is a brighter and whiter paper where as recycled grades are more off white.  To achieve an image on this roll a ribbon would be required in the printer mechanism.

Multi Ply Papers, are coated with a special formulation of micro capsules that are applied to either the front or back of the paper on in the case of 3 ply rolls the second copy is coated both sides.

To achieve an image on the top copy there must be a ribbon in the printer mechanism.

Thermal Roll Info

Thermal paper is a heat sensitive paper (this means no ribbon required) which has many different properties to it, the more popular ones are usually of a standard weight and coating, although they can have a top coat or sealer, dependant on system and market sector type.

Our thermal papers meet with or exceed the OEM specifications of today’s ever evolving market sectors, OEM’s include Epson, Star, Citizen, Seiko, Hypercom, Verifone, Zebra, Casio, Sharp plus many more.

To recognise thermal paper simply run your finger nail across the surface and the heat generated by the friction will form a black image, this can sometimes be found on the underside which would confirm that particular roll is reverse wound.

Please note when comparing roll sizes other suppliers may use different thickness of paper, which can result in differing lengths.  We are happy to test your current roll for comparison.

Our test will confirm roll width, roll diameter, core (this includes both I/D & O/D), paper coating, grammage and microns. We offer all paper specification sheets on request.